Wedding videographer in Stockholm, Sweden

Let your guests be present on your wedding! A wedding is best experienced through the eyes of your guests rather than the tiny lens of a mobile camera. I am honored to be able to give you a film that will take you back to your magical day, again and again.

Let me film your wedding!

I am a wedding film maker from Stockholm who aims to capture all the small moments that together makes up your wedding day. All the emotions, the words of your future spouse at the altar, the laughter and cheering of the guests, or that one speech that had everyone i tears. How will you remember your wedding?

Highlight film from Clara and Marks amazing wedding at Hedenlunda Castle


NHL Pplayer Jakob Silfverberg married his Clara at Högbo brukshotell

A true fairytale wedding between Tamara och Martin in Rockelstad castle

A long overdue ‘THANK YOU’ from the father of the bride.

As a professional photographer for over 40 years, I can honestly say that I was incredibly impressed with the results, it will be treasured by us for many years to come.

I have played it over and over many times to my friends and clients and the reaction is always the same
— Gavin Ashworth

Bakom kameran - Josef Runsten

Behind the lens

Your wedding is a celebration of your love for eachother. It is not a Hollywood production. I am a wedding videographer who works in the background without stealing attention.

Calm, grounded and caring

I have been filming weddings for over 7 years and it is what I love the most.
I create dynamic, captivating and engaging wedding films.


Filmed during Frida Fahrmans wedding at Ruin retreat.

I am just so thankful that you wanted to be there! You adjusted so well according to our needs, but also to the dynamic schedule of the day. On time and thorough.

I am so happy that we chose to film our wedding. I cry every time i look back at it. More than a memory for life, but also for our family, our children and friends who shared the day with us. But also for those unable to attend.
— Frida Fahrman

Different types of wedding video

HIGHLIGHT-FILM (4 - 8 minutes)

It is an incredibly powerful thing to be able to revisit all the emotions from your wedding day and I am so happy that I can give that to my couples. Many make it a tradition to rewatch their film on their anniversary. It is something to share with friends and family and those who were unable to attend the actual wedding. Here are some examples of highlight videos.

Feature-film (15 - 20 minutes)

This is a 15-20 minute film professionally edited to music. I love to incorporate speeches and audio from the day in order to bring it to the next level.

Teaser (30 - 60 seconds)

I know the suspense is huge, so this is delivered within a week from your wedding day! Keep it for yourselves or share it on social media.


You promise to love each other for life. All your loved ones are there to witness and it is the most important moment of the day. For a more dynamic look I use at least two cameras to film the ceremony,


The wedding day is all about you. All the speeches, songs and performances are dedicated to you and it is truly overwhelming. The filmed material is invaluable and something you will surely watch over and over again.

Pre shoot/ SAVE THE DATE

Photographers often meet their wedding couple in advance for a pre wedding shoot. This is a great way to get to know each other and get used to the camera. I have a similar offer, but with film! We meet before the wedding to record a short video with just the two of you. No preparation required, only 30 minutes of your time in a relaxed environment. This can be used as a "Save the date" message on your wedding website, or why not as a post on Instagram as a teaser for what is to come!


My way of working

A wedding is a celebration of love, not a Hollywood production. Not many people enjoy being filmed, so I am very careful and discreet in my approach. The last thing I want is for you or your guests to feel uncomfortable. It's a matter of intimacy and respect.


Minimized gear, maximized quality

If you hire me, that’s what you get. Just me and my camera bag. Not a big film crew intruding and stealing attention from what’s really important. No large camera rigs, powerful video lights or fluffy microphones.

I use small camera perfect for wedding and I always bring backups. I also use a drone to film on most of my weddings. I have been in the game since 2011 and I know what it takes to produce quality, every time.


I want to not be seen or heard. Several couples have told me after the wedding that they didn’t even notice me for the majority of the day. But that’s the thing, I’m always there! I am convinced that my calm and quiet way of working combined with compact equipment gives me the advantage and I’m able to deliver a more genuine and natural product. You should’t have to focus on anything other than eachother. The rest is up to the professionals you hire!

Where is Josef
— Many
Bröllopsfilm i Stockholm och Norden

Focus on you

I do 4-6weddings a year, that’s it. You will not be a couple among the rest - if you book me I will be able to focus on you and your needs. You book me as your videographer, but I am happy to help all along the way. I have extensive experience of weddings in Sweden and I am there if you need advice or direction. I put a lot of work and energy into each of my films and I aim to make every film my best ever!

What do you need to do?

Genune smiles, laughter and emotions. That’s all it takes for me to create a great film, I promise. I use very limited directions and posing during the day. I usually leave that up to your chosen photographer if that is his or her style. I normally find the best material in between poses, when you can relax and just be in love.

Relaxed and familiar

I would love to meet you before the wedding. I like to learn a bit about your history and how you are as a couple, but it’s also important for you to feel comfortable with me before the big day. If you wish, we can include a small pre-shoot in this meeting. That way you will know exactly what to expect and just how little effort it is on your part to create magic!

Golden hour video

I recommend each couple to set aside just a moment during the reception in order to capture some sunset goodness. It’s an opportunity for you to get a moment to yourselves, relax and enjoy eachother.


Cooperation with photographers

I have had the pleasure of working with several of the top photographers in Sweden. It is crucial that we can work well together for the whole duration of the day. I am proud to be a member of the Swedish wedding photography group at

Destination weddings

I film in the entire Nordic region. I have no special packages or costs for destination weddings. All I ask is that the travel and living expenses are covered.


From enquiry to delivery

Below I describe the process from enquiry to delivery and try to answer some frequently asked questions along the way. I want you to have all the information that you need.

Bokning av bröllopsfilmare - Josef Runsten

You like what you see

You see the value in hiring a wedding videographer during the entire wedding day. You want a wedding video that in a beautiful and artistic way show just how awesome your wedding was. You value experience, service, empathy and respect rather than a big film crew calling all the shots.

Start by taking the time to fill out the form at the bottom of the page. What you write will help me determine if we are a good match. You can already now think about what package you are interested in, but it is not essential just yet. In order to give each couple the attention they deserve i only book 4-6 weddings each season. This is normally booked 1-2 years in advance. I will reply to your inquiry within 3 days.

I am available

If I believe that we are a good fit I would love to meet you. Preferably over coffee (fika) but a Skype call or Facetime is also a great alternative. You can tell me about your wedding and expectations and I get the chance too to tell you how I can meet them. Already at this stage I start to think about how to film your wedding to fit your personalities and wishes.

You wish to book

You have truly understood what a wedding film is all about! I send a contract for signing together with a 25% invoice. The remaining amount is due two weeks prior to your wedding date.

The time before the wedding

I am always available for questions, film related or otherwise. Perhaps you are in need of a supplier or need tips or ideas. The wedding network in Sweden is large and it can be difficult navigating. You never have to worry about performing in front of me, there is so much else for you to experience on your wedding day. Leave the filming up to me and trust that I get the material I require.

On the wedding day!

I usually start filming a couple of hours before I even meet you on the wedding day. If possible I like to familiarize with the venue in advance and I try to squeeze in a couple of aerial shots using my drone.

I want you to focus on eachother, to say yes, and to have as much fun as possible. I adapt entirely to how the day enfolds, without directing or putting you in awkward poses. I’m just looking the true moments.

After the wedding

It has come to editing, and editing takes time! I’ll edit your film to music that I chose and license. I put quality before anything else even at this stage and no more than 60 days later you will get your videos! Just enough time for all impressions to settle and perhaps you have even started to forget some small chunks of the day. Perfect time for a revisit!

The work I put into a wedding film often include 15 hours during the wedding day and another 25-40 during the editing. My favourite part of the process comes after all of that is done - When you for the first time get to view you film and I get to experience your reactions.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to do what i do!



I like to keep things simple. I offer a base package - "The essentials“, where my most enquired films are included. In addition to this I also offer a set of upgrades for you to pick and choose from. I hope you can find a combination that suits your needs!


The essentials - 4 films

The following 4 films are delivered to all my couples.

🎥 Highlight-film (4 - 8 minutess)

I create a 4-8 minute highlight-film that beautifully summarizes the wedding day. This includes only the best of the best, perfect for sharing with family and friends.

🎥 teaser (30 - 60 seconds)

A 30-60 second teaser to ease you curiosity. Perfect for instagram. Delivery on week after the wedding!

🎥 All speeches

I record all the speeches during the reception. Captured from two different angles.

🎥 Ceremony

The full length ceremony, filmed using two cameras.


♦ Meeting

It’s so important that we are comfortable with eachother. We meet in good time before the wedding to go through all expectations and requests. We walk through the schedule in detail and I am happy to contribute with my input.

♦ My presence throughout the day

To be able to tell a complete story I want to be there for the entire wedding day. From preparations until the party is getting so out of hand that it’s best for everyone that the cameras are turned off! I want to capture all the big moments on film, but perhaps even more important - the small moments in between

♦ Travel and accoomodationss

Included in the price for all weddings in Sweden!

♦ Post process

I go through all the filmed material second by second and select only the best parts. Editing and color corrections is done in professional editing software in order to provide a pristine product. It is not uncommon that an entire week is spent on the highlight-film.

♦ Music licence

All music used is bought and licensed especially for your film. This enables publishing online without legal hassle. Norrmally 4-5 songs are used in a feature film and 1-2 songs for a highlight film. I have access to a large library of songs and I choose a soundtrack that fits your wedding. It is so so important that the music and imagery fits well together if the end result is to be a dynamic and engaging film.

♦ Online showcase and download

I create an online page for your film that you can share with your friends and family.
Of course all films can be downloaded for offline viewing.

49 000 SEK


If you are looking for something other than the essentials you can pick and choose from the upgrades below.


Feature-film (15 - 20 minutes)

The entire day in 20 minutes, professionaly edited to music. I use speeches and sound from the day to elevate the experience.

10000 kr

Express delivery

You get you film 2 weeks after the wedding!
(Normal turnover 6-8 weeks)

7500 SEK

Extended coverage

I film the night before or morning after the ceremony.

15000 SEK


We meet before the wedding to record a short video. This can be a "Save the date“ film to send to your guest, or funny video to showcase during the reception.

5000 SEK

Raw footage

You receive all the raw material filmed during the day.
Delivered via USB stick.

10 000 kr

Drone footage

If the weather allows I am happy to include drone footage of the scenery. Often filmed prior to the wedding.

5000 SEK

Nondisclosure agreement

If you want your films to stay private

10000 SEK

Travel and living expenses

A wedding is a wedding. I don’t charge extra for travel within the Swedish borders. For weddings abroad all I ask is that travel expenses and accommodations are covered.



Booking form

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